In order to better structure our club, we have four groups in which different projects are realized. In the first group Students 4 Students members work to create and prepare knowledge and content for other students. The focus here is on workshops, newsletters, articles and more.

The second group Algorithms deals with complex and innovative algorithms. Here are already started the two projects AI Merch and Reinforcement Learning The projects test creative methods and create added value for the club.

The Group Robotics conducts research in the field of human-machine interaction. They are currently running the UAI Assistant project, whih aims to help new members with questions and make interactions in the club a little more futuristic.

The last working group, Smart City, is special because it is working on the Smart Cities - Smart Regions project, in which the cities of Deggendorf and Plattling play a role. The basis is the Integrated Digital Development Concept (IDEK), which as a strategic compass and toolbox aims to make Deggendorf and Plattling fit for the future as sustainable, social, and economically strong cities with a high quality of life. Our club is part of the IDEK.

Finished Projects

AI Merch is part of the group Algorithms and was founded to design interesting and stylish clothing for club members with the help of an AI. The innovation behind this is that it will be possible for users to create unique designs with the help of the AI. In order to achieve this, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) were trained. You can set the parameters individually to create unique designs.

Ongoing Projects

Students 4 Students was created as backbone of the club to gather knowledge and distribute it in a fun and easy way. The main goal is to create workshops in different topics like Git . Different techniques in the form of presentations, tests and practical sessions will be used. The workshops and results will be evaluated with an AI. Furthermore, the project group is working on a regular newsletter on various topics of computer science, interviews, recommendations and more.

Reinforcement Learning is also a part of the working group Algorithms. In this project, we are trying to train agents for specific tasks. This topic plays a major role in our modern society and Industry 4.0, especially in dynamic processes that are often difficult to optimise in the classical way. In parallel, the entire knowledge is to be compiled and processed in order to make it available to students in cooperation with other project groups.

UAI Assistant is a project that has set itself the task of developing an intelligent assistant that will answer various questions and provide assistance with our club. We want to make it easier for new members to get started.For this purpose, information on the projects is shared transparently so that the status of the project can be queried at any time. In addition to RASA (a chatbot framework), efforts are underway to develop our own framework.

The last and biggest project Smart Deggendorf has the goal of adding value to the Smart Cities - Smart Regions project. For this purpose, the project Deggendorf App was launched. This will provide information about Deggendorf such as the water level of the Danube river, news, snow levels and much more. Bars, clubs and organisers should also be able to announce events here. Furthermore the LiDAR project is intended to help recognise the surroundings of the cities - for example cyclists, cars and people (anonymous). Used is a RS-LiDAR 16 in conjunction with the ROS2framework. The idea behind this is to create a digital twin with real-time data for predictions and simulations.

At the moment, all project groups are still in an early phase, where the main focus is on planning, acquiring knowledge and team building. The first step - getting together with different startups and companies - has already happened. Now we want to actively collaborate to broaden our horizons and create added value together.

We always look for new members! So if you are interested in joining our club, just come to our Discord server and have a look around. If you have any questions, use our Discord server, the contact form or our social media channels.